Regulations No. 0933 of 1994




Commission Regulation (EC) No 933/94 of 27 April 1994 laying down the active substances of plant protection products and designating the rapporteur Member States for the implementation of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92

Official Journal L 107 , 28/04/1994 P. 0008 - 0018
Finnish special edition: Chapter 3 Volume 57 P. 0013
Swedish special edition: Chapter 3 Volume 57 P. 0013

COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 933/94 of 27 April 1994 laying down the active substances of plant protection products and designating the rapporteur Member States for the implementation of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,

Having regard to Council Directive 91/414/EEC of 15 July 1991 concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market (1), as amended by Commission Directive 93/71/EEC (2),

Having regard to Commission Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 of 11 December 1992, laying down the detailed rules for the implementation of the first stage of the programme of work referred to in Article 8 (2) of Directive 91/414/EEC concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market (3), and in particular Article 5 (2) thereof,

Whereas the participation of the Member States as rapporteurs in the programme of work provided for in Article 8 (2) of Directive 91/414/EEC is laid down in Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92, and in particular Articles 5 (2) and 5 (4) thereof;

Whereas the Commission has received notifications on 89 of the 90 active substances mentioned in Annex I to Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92;

Whereas, following the examination of the notifications, a decision must be taken on the active substances to be assessed in the framework of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 and on the designation of a rapporteur Member State for each of these active substances;

Whereas a decision must also be taken with regard to the deadline for the submission of the dossiers and other technical or scientific information to the rapporteur Member State;

Whereas the notifications had to be made in due time and in accordance with the model set out in Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92, completed and containing the undertaking referred to in part 5 of that model; whereas notifications not satisfying these requirements could not be taken into consideration and consequently have not been listed;

Whereas the names and addresses of the producers who have presented a notification satisfying the abovementioned requirements should be published in order to ensure that contacts can be made for presenting collective dossiers;

Whereas it appears appropriate to indicate the name and address of the authority designated by each Member State pursuant to Article 3 of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 in order to ensure that the dossiers and other information are submitted to the authority designated for receiving and handling such information;

Whereas the measures provided for in this Regulation are in accordance with the opinion of the Standing Committee on Plant Health,


Article 1

1. The list of active substances which will be assessed in the framework of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 is set out in column A of Annex I to this Regulation.

2. The Member State designated as rapporteur Member State for each of the substances referred to in paragraph 1 is indicated in column B of Annex I, against the corresponding active substance.

3. The producers who have, in due time submitted notification in accordance with Article 4 (2) of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 are listed in column C of Annex I to this Regulation, by a three-letter code, against the corresponding active substance. The name and address of each producer is identified for each code in Annex II to this Regulation.

4. The name and address of the authority designated by each Member State pursuant to Article 3 of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 is set out in Annex III to this Regulation.

Article 2

The deadline for the submission to the rapporteur Member State of the dossiers and information referred to in the third indent of Article 5 (4) of Regulation (EEC) No 3600/92 is set at 30 April 1995.

Article 3

This Regulation shall enter into force on the seventh day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.

Done at Brussels, 27 April 1994.

For the Commission


Member of the Commission

(1) OJ No L 230, 19. 8. 1991, p. 1.

(2) OJ No L 221, 31. 8. 1993, p. 27.

(3) OJ No L 366, 15. 12. 1992, p. 10.


List of active substances (column A), rapporteur Member States (column B) and notifying producers (code identification) (column C) "" ID="1">Acephate> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">EFT> ID="5">CEQ> ID="6">SOC> ID="7">TOM"> ID="3">IBE> ID="4">IQV> ID="5">PIB> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">INA"> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Methamidophos> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">EFT> ID="5">MAR> ID="6">BAY> ID="7">TOM"> ID="3">IBE> ID="4">IQV> ID="5">PIB> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Aldicarb> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">ROP"> ID="1">Amitraz> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">AVO> ID="4">CAG> ID="5">SOC> ID="6">IBE> ID="7">AGC"> ID="3">INA> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Azinphos-ethyl> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Azinphos-methyl> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">BAY> ID="4">MAK> ID="5">LUX> ID="6">GQS"> ID="1">Carbendazim> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">DER> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">EFT> ID="6">BAS> ID="7">DPD"> ID="3">AVO> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">SOC> ID="6">IBE> ID="7">IQV"> ID="3">ARA> ID="4">PIB> ID="5">AGC> ID="6">ELF> ID="7">POR"> ID="3">HEL> ID="4">CAL> ID="5">INA> ID="6">JSB> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Benomyl> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">MAR> ID="5">DPD> ID="6">IPC> ID="7">IKE"> ID="3">IBE> ID="4">ARA> ID="5">PIB> ID="6">ELF> ID="7">HEL"> ID="3">CAL> ID="4">INA> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Thiophanate-methyl> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">NPS> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">CEQ> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">HEL"> ID="3">ELL> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Chlorpyrifos> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">ICC> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">DOE> ID="6">MAR> ID="7">GHA"> ID="3">CEQ> ID="4">MAK> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">CAG> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">IBE> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">POR> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">CAL"> ID="3">INA> ID="4">ELL> ID="5">LUX> ID="6">CHE"> ID="1">Chlorpyrifos-methyl> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">DOE"> ID="1">Cyfluthrin> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">BAY"> ID="1">beta-Cyfluthrin> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">BAY"> ID="1">lambda-Cyhalothrin> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">STE> ID="4">ZEN"> ID="1">Cypermethrin> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">CYA> ID="4">STE> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">ZEN> ID="7">GHA"> ID="3">CEQ> ID="4">MCL> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">FMC"> ID="3">IBE> ID="4">ELF> ID="5">POR> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">CAL"> ID="3">INA> ID="4">ELL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">alpha-Cypermethrin> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">CYA> ID="4">INA> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">GHA> ID="7">FMC"> ID="3">POR"> ID="1">DNOC> ID="2">France> ID="3">ELF> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">CEQ> ID="6">INA> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Deltamethrin> ID="2">France> ID="3">STE> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">RUF> ID="7">SRG"> ID="3">AGC> ID="4">HEL"> ID="1">Dinoterb> ID="2">France> ID="3">ROP"> ID="1">Endosulfan> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">AVO> ID="5">MAK> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">CAL"> ID="3">INA> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Fenthion> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">BAY> ID="4">INA"> ID="1">Fenvalerate> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">CEQ> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">MAR> ID="6">SUM> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">LUX> ID="4">INA> ID="5">POR> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">IQV"> ID="3">CAL"> ID="1">Esfenvalerate> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">SUM"> ID="1">Lindane> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">HOC> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">INQ> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">CEQ> ID="4">LUX> ID="5">RUF> ID="6">IBE> ID="7">CAL"> ID="1">Parathion> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">BAY> ID="5">CHE> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Parathion-methyl> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">EFT> ID="5">BAY> ID="6">CHE> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">SOC> ID="4">IBE> ID="5">ELF> ID="6">HEL> ID="7">CAL"> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Permethrin> ID="2">Ireland> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">ZEN> ID="5">MAR> ID="6">MCL> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">FMC> ID="4">ELF> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Benalaxyl> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">ISA"> ID="1">Metalaxyl> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">CGA> ID="4">SOC> ID="5">MAK> ID="6">ISA> ID="7">IQV"> ID="3">HEL> ID="4">INA> ID="5">DBA> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Chlorothalonil> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">VIS> ID="4">UPL> ID="5">EFT> ID="6">GHA> ID="7">ISK"> ID="3">BCL> ID="4">SOC> ID="5">IBE> ID="6">PIB> ID="7">AGC"> ID="3">POR> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">INA> ID="6">JSB> ID="7">LUX"> ID="3">CAL"> ID="1">Dinocap> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">RHU"> ID="1">Fenarimol> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">DOE"> ID="1">Fentin acetate> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">CIB> ID="4">AVO> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Fentin hydroxide> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">CIB> ID="4">AVO> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">ELF> ID="7">KCC"> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Flusilazole> ID="2">Ireland> ID="3">DPD"> ID="1">Imazalil> ID="2">Luxembourg> ID="3">LEP> ID="4">JPA> ID="5">ACI> ID="6">MAK> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Mancozeb> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">SRG> ID="4">ICC> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">RHF> ID="7">DPD"> ID="3">BCL> ID="4">ACI> ID="5">SIR> ID="6">AGC> ID="7">ELF"> ID="3">POR> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Maneb> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">RHF> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">ACI> ID="6">PRS> ID="7">ELF"> ID="3">KCC> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Zineb> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">TCH> ID="4">LUX> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">SIR> ID="7">FMF"> ID="3">ELF> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">CAL"> ID="1">Metiram> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">BAS"> ID="1">Propineb> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">BAY> ID="4">HEL"> ID="1">Thiram> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">JSC> ID="4">UNI> ID="5">BAY> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">UCB"> ID="3">FMF> ID="4">CAL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Ferbam> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Ziram> ID="2">Belgium> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">ACI> ID="5">SIR> ID="6">UCB> ID="7">FMF"> ID="3">ELF> ID="4">CAL> ID="5">LUX> ID="6">JSC"> ID="1">Propiconazole> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">ZEN> ID="4">CGA> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">MAK"> ID="1">Pyrazophos> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">AVO"> ID="1">Quintozene> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">UNI> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Thiabendazole> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">MSD> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">ELF> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Vinclozolin> ID="2">France> ID="3">BAS"> ID="1">Procymidone> ID="2">France> ID="3">SUM> ID="4">HEL"> ID="1">Iprodione> ID="2">France> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Chlozolinate> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">ISA"> ID="1">Chlorpropham> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">KIR> ID="4">MTM> ID="5">AGC> ID="6">ELF> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Propham> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Daminozide> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">FIN> ID="4">UNI> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Maleic hydrazide> ID="2">Denmark> ID="3">UNI> ID="4">CFP> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Tecnazene> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">ZEN"> ID="1">Alachlor> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">PUS> ID="4">MOD> ID="5">IPC> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">MAK"> ID="3">IQV> ID="4">PIB> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">CAL> ID="7">JSB"> ID="3">TRA> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Amitrole (Aminotriazole)> ID="2">France> ID="3">BAY> ID="4">CFP> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">JSB> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Atrazine> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">CGA> ID="4">ACI> ID="5">OXO> ID="6">MAK> ID="7">IKE"> ID="3">HEL> ID="4">CAL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Simazine> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">CGA> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">ACI> ID="6">OXO> ID="7">MAK"> ID="3">IKE> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">CAL> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Bentazone> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">BAS> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">LUX"> ID="1">Chlortoluron> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">STE> ID="4">PUS> ID="5">AGL> ID="6">CGA> ID="7">IPC"> ID="3">BCL> ID="4">ACI> ID="5">SOC> ID="6">MAK> ID="7">ARA"> ID="3">SRG> ID="4">POR> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">CAL> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">2,4-D> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">NUF> ID="4">ROP> ID="5">AGL> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">DOE"> ID="3">CFP> ID="4">SOC> ID="5">AHM> ID="6">THN> ID="7">IBE"> ID="3">HEL> ID="4">CAL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">2,4-DB> ID="2">Greece> ID="3">ACI> ID="4">AHM"> ID="1">Ethofumesate> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">PTM> ID="4">FSG> ID="5">SRG> ID="6">AVO> ID="7">KIR"> ID="3">LUX> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">PUS"> ID="1">Fluroxypyr> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">DOE"> ID="1">Glyphosate> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">FSG> ID="4">HPQ> ID="5">NUF> ID="6">STE> ID="7">UPL"> ID="3">ALK> ID="4">ZEN> ID="5">PUS> ID="6">MAR> ID="7">CEQ"> ID="3">CHE> ID="4">MOD> ID="5">IPC> ID="6">BCL> ID="7">CAG"> ID="3">SOC> ID="4">OXO> ID="5">MAK> ID="6">HRM> ID="7">IKE"> ID="3">TES> ID="4">IBE> ID="5">IQV> ID="6">ARA> ID="7">SRG"> ID="3">PIB> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">ELF> ID="6">POR> ID="7">HEL"> ID="3">CAL> ID="4">INA> ID="5">GRW> ID="6">KCS> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Ioxynil> ID="2">France> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">ACI> ID="5">CFP> ID="6">MAK> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">Bromoxynil> ID="2">France> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">PTM> ID="5">ACI> ID="6">CFP> ID="7">MAK"> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Isoproturon> ID="2">Germany> ID="3">STE> ID="4">ROP> ID="5">UPL> ID="6">PUS> ID="7">GHA"> ID="3">CEQ> ID="4">AVO> ID="5">IPC> ID="6">BCL> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">CAG> ID="4">SOC> ID="5">MAK> ID="6">SRG> ID="7">AGC"> ID="3">POR> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">CAL> ID="6">INA> ID="7">LUX"> ID="1">MCPA> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">NUF> ID="4">ROP> ID="5">BAS> ID="6">AGL> ID="7">ACI"> ID="3">CFP> ID="4">OXO> ID="5">AZC> ID="6">AHM> ID="7">LUX"> ID="3">ESK"> ID="1">MCPB> ID="2">Italy> ID="3">ACI> ID="4">AHM"> ID="1">Mecoprop> ID="2">Denmark> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">AGL> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">ACI> ID="7">CFP"> ID="3">AZC> ID="4">LUX> ID="5">ESK"> ID="1">Mecoprop-P> ID="2">Denmark> ID="3">ROP> ID="4">BAS> ID="5">KVK> ID="6">BCL> ID="7">AZC"> ID="3">AHM> ID="4">AGL> ID="5">LUX> ID="6">ESK"> ID="1">Metsulfuron(-methyl)> ID="2">France> ID="3">BCL> ID="4">DPD"> ID="1">Thifensulfuron(-methyl)> ID="2">France> ID="3">DPD"> ID="1">Triasulfuron> ID="2">France> ID="3">CGA"> ID="1">Molinate> ID="2">Portugal> ID="3">HPQ> ID="4">ZEN> ID="5">OXO> ID="6">CHB"> ID="1">Monolinuron> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">AVO"> ID="1">Linuron> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">LUX> ID="4">AVO> ID="5">IPC> ID="6">MAK> ID="7">HEL"> ID="3">CAL> ID="4">INA"> ID="1">Paraquat> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">UPL> ID="4">ZEN> ID="5">BCL> ID="6">APO> ID="7">PIB"> ID="3">MAR> ID="4">HEL> ID="5">CAL> ID="6">INA> ID="7">GRW"> ID="3">AGS> ID="4">LUX"> ID="1">Diquat (dibromide)> ID="2">United Kingdom> ID="3">ZEN> ID="4">BCL"> ID="1">Pendimethalin> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">CYA> ID="4">STE> ID="5">GHA> ID="6">IPC> ID="7">MAK"> ID="3">SRG> ID="4">AGC> ID="5">POR"> ID="1">Desmedipham> ID="2">Spain> ID="3">AVO> ID="4">SRG> ID="5">KIR> ID="6">PTM> ID="7">BCL"> ID="3">LUX"> ID="1">Phenmedipham> ID="2">Ireland> ID="3">AVO> ID="4">FSG> ID="5">SRG> ID="6">PTM> ID="7">MTM"> ID="3">TFP> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">HEL> ID="6">CAL> ID="7">LUX"> ID="3">PUS"> ID="1">Propyzamide> ID="2">Denmark> ID="3">RHF> ID="4">BCL> ID="5">LUX"> ID="1">Pyridate> ID="2">Netherlands> ID="3">STE> ID="4">AGL> ID="5">AGC"> ID="1">Warfarin> ID="2">Ireland> ID="3">GAE> ID="4">SPI> ID="5">KIL> ID="6">SOX> ID="7">HEN"> ID="3">BHS> ID="4">VET> ID="5">LUX">


List of notifying producers' code identifications, names and addresses "" ID="1">ACI> ID="2">ACI International> ID="3">Avenue Albert 254"> ID="3">B-1180 Bruxelles"> ID="1">AGC> ID="2">AgriChem> ID="3">Koopvaardijweg 9"> ID="3">NL-4906 CV Oosterhout"> ID="1">AGL> ID="2">Agrolinz> ID="3">Agrarchemikalien GmbH"> ID="3">Arabellastrasse 4"> ID="3">D-81925 Muenchen"> ID="1">AGS> ID="2">Agrolac SA> ID="3">Juan Sebastián Bach, 7 bis 2o A"> ID="3">E-08021 Barcelona"> ID="1">AHM> ID="2">AH Marks & Co Ltd> ID="3">Wyke, Bradford"> ID="3">West Yorkshire BD 12 9EJ"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">ALK> ID="2">Alkaloida Europe> ID="3">Avenue Albert 255"> ID="3">B-1180 Bruxelles"> ID="1">APO> ID="2">Aporta SA> ID="3">Plaza Urquinaona, 6"> ID="3">E-08010 Barcelona"> ID="1">ARA> ID="2">Aragonesas Agro SA> ID="3">Paseo de Recoletos, 27"> ID="3">E-28004 Madrid"> ID="1">AVO> ID="2">AgrEvo GmbH> ID="3">Building K 607"> ID="3">D-65926 Frankfurt/Main"> ID="1">AZC> ID="2">Akzo Chemicals> ID="3">Barchman Wuyterslaan 10"> ID="3">NL-3800 AE Amersfoort"> ID="1">BAS> ID="2">BASF AG> ID="3">Postfach 120"> ID="2">Registrierung> ID="3">D-67114 Limburgerhof"> ID="1">BAY> ID="2">Bayer AG> ID="3">Pflanzenschutzzentrum Monheim"> ID="2">PF-E/Registrierung> ID="3">D-51368 Leverkusen-Bayerwerk"> ID="1">BCL> ID="2">Barclay Chemicals> ID="3">Barclay House"> ID="3">Lilmar Industrial Estate"> ID="3">Santry, Dublin 9"> ID="3">Ireland"> ID="1">BHS> ID="2">B.H. Schilling> ID="3">via Fantoli 21/13"> ID="3">I-20138 Milano"> ID="1">CAG> ID="2">Chimac-Agriphar SA> ID="3">Rue de Renory 26"> ID="3">B-4102 Ougrée (Seraing)"> ID="1">CAL> ID="2">Calliope SA> ID="3">Boîte postale 80"> ID="3">Route d'Artix"> ID="3">F-64150 Noguères"> ID="1">CEQ> ID="2">Cequisa> ID="3">Muntaner, 322 1o 1a"> ID="3">E-08021 Barcelona"> ID="1">CFP> ID="2">CFPI> ID="3">28, boulevard Camélinat"> ID="3">F-92233 Gennevilliers"> ID="1">CGA> ID="2">CIBA-GEIGY Ltd> ID="3">Noordkustlaan 18"> ID="2">EC Relations Office> ID="3">B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden"> ID="1">CHB> ID="2">Chemol Benelux Ltd> ID="3">Avenue des Arts 44"> ID="3">B-1040 Bruxelles"> ID="1">CHE> ID="2">Cheminova Agro A/S> ID="3">PO Box 9"> ID="3">DK-7620 Lemvig"> ID="1">CIB> ID="2">CIBA-Geigy Agro BV> ID="3">Postbus 4800"> ID="3">NL-4700 BA Roosendaal"> ID="1">CYA> ID="2">Cyanamid International> ID="3">Rue de Bosquet 15"> ID="3">B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve"> ID="1">DBA> ID="2">DeBacker & Associés> ID="3">Boulevard Brand Whitlock 30"> ID="3">B-1200 Bruxelles"> ID="1">DER> ID="2">Union Derivan SA> ID="3">Avda. Meridiana, 133"> ID="3">E-08026 Barcelona"> ID="1">DOE> ID="2">DowElanco Europe> ID="3">Letcombe Regis, Wantage"> ID="3">Oxon OX12 9JT"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">DPD> ID="2">Dupont De Nemours> ID="3">137, rue de l'Université"> ID="2">(France) SA> ID="3">F-75334 Paris Cedex 07"> ID="1">EFT> ID="2">K & N Efthymiadis SA> ID="3">1 Dodecanisou Str."> ID="3">GR-54110 Thessaloniki"> ID="1">ELF> ID="2">Elf Atochem> ID="3">1, rue des Frères Lumière"> ID="3">F-78373 Plaisir Cedex"> ID="1">ELL> ID="2">Ellagret SA> ID="3">38 Aristotelous Str."> ID="3">GR-10433 Athens"> ID="1">ESK> ID="2">Esbjerg Kemi A/S> ID="3">Maadevej 80"> ID="3">DK-6705 Esbjerg"> ID="1">FIN> ID="2">Fine Agrochemicals Ltd> ID="3">3 The Bull Ring"> ID="3">Worcester WR2 5AA"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">FMC> ID="2">FMC Europe NV> ID="3">Avenue Louise 480, Box 9"> ID="3">B-1050 Bruxelles"> ID="1">FMF> ID="2">FMC foret SA> ID="3">Calle Córcega, 293"> ID="3">E-08008 Barcelona"> ID="1">FSG> ID="2">Feinchemie Schwebda> ID="3">Leuchtbergstrasse 38"> ID="3">D-37269 Eschwege"> ID="1">GAE> ID="2">Gaeleo Ltd> ID="3">Little Island Co"> ID="3">Cork"> ID="3">Ireland"> ID="1">GHA> ID="2">Gharda Chemicals Ltd> ID="3">27 Woodside Avenue"> ID="3">London SE25 5DW"> ID="3">4UK"> ID="1">GQS> ID="2">General Química SA> ID="3">Ctra. Puentelarrá, km 5"> ID="3">E-01213 Comunión/Alava"> ID="1">GRW> ID="2">Grower> ID="3">17 Bizaniou Str."> ID="3">GR-15669 Papagos, Athens"> ID="1">HEL> ID="2">Helm AG> ID="3">Nordkanalstrasse 28"> ID="3">D-20097 Hamburg"> ID="1">HEN> ID="2">Hentschke & Sawatzki> ID="3">Kampstrasse 85"> ID="3">D-24539 Neumuenster"> ID="1">HOC> ID="2">Hockley International Ltd> ID="3">Hockley House,"> ID="3">354 Park Lane"> ID="3">Poynton Stockport SK 12 1RL"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">HPQ> ID="2">Herbex Produtos> ID="3">Estrada de Albarraque"> ID="2">Químicos Lda.> ID="3">P-2710 Sintra"> ID="1">HRM> ID="2">Hermoo Belgium NV> ID="3">Zepperenweg 257"> ID="3">B-3800 Sint Truiden"> ID="1">IBE> ID="2">Iberotam> ID="3">Avda. Rafael de Casanovas, 81"> ID="3">E-08100 Mollet del Vallès"> ID="1">ICC> ID="2">Indofil Chemicals Co> ID="3">15, Hyde Park Gardens"> ID="3">London W 2"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">IKE> ID="2">Industrial Kern Espag.> ID="3">Paseo de la Castellana, 156 1o Pl."> ID="3">E-28046 Madrid"> ID="1">INA> ID="2">Industrias Afrasa> ID="3">Ciudad de Sevilla, 53"> ID="3">46988-Pol. ind. Fuente del Jarro"> ID="3">España-Paterna (Valencia)"> ID="1">INQ> ID="2">Industrias Químicas> ID="3">Avenida del Valle, 15"> ID="2">del Noroeste SA> ID="3">E-28003 Madrid"> ID="1">IPC> ID="2">I. Pi.Ci.> ID="3">Via Fratelli Beltrami, 11"> ID="2">Industria Prodotti> ID="3">I-20026 Novate Milanese"> ID="2">Chimici"> ID="1">IQV> ID="2">Industrias Químicas> ID="3">Avda. Rafael de Casanovas, 81"> ID="2">del Vallés> ID="3">E-08100 Mollet del Vallès"> ID="1">ISA> ID="2">ISAGRO Srl> ID="3">Palazzo Raffaello"> ID="2">Centro Direzionale> ID="3">Via Cassanese, 224"> ID="2">Milano Oltre> ID="3">I-20090 Segrate (MI)"> ID="1">ISK> ID="2">ISK Biotech Europe> ID="3">Avenue Louise 480-128"> ID="3">B-1050 Bruxelles"> ID="1">JPA> ID="2">Janssen Pharmaceutica> ID="3">Turnhoutseweg 30"> ID="2">Plant Protection Div.> ID="3">B-2340 Beerse"> ID="1">JSB> ID="2">SA John & Stephen B.> ID="3">38, avenue Hoche"> ID="3">F-75008 Paris"> ID="1">JSC> ID="2">JSC International> ID="3">The Frensham Suite, Friary Court"> ID="3">13-21 High Street"> ID="3">Guildford Surrey GU1 3DG"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">KCC> ID="2">Kocide Chem. Corp.> ID="3">Via T. Invrea, 12/3"> ID="3">I-16129 Genova"> ID="1">KCS> ID="2">K.C.S. Products> ID="3">3 West Close"> ID="3">Waresley Sandy"> ID="3">Bedfordshire SG19 3BY"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">KIL> ID="2">Killgerm Chemicals> ID="3">115 Wakefield Rd"> ID="3">Osset, West Yorkshire"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">KIR> ID="2">Kemira Agro Benelux> ID="3">Avenue Einstein"> ID="3">B-1300 Wavre"> ID="1">KVK> ID="2">KVK AGRO A/S> ID="3">Gl. Lyngvej 2"> ID="3">PO Box 259"> ID="3">DK-4600 Koege"> ID="1">LEP> ID="2">Farma-Lepori SA> ID="3">Apartado de Correos 182"> ID="3">E-43700 El Vendrell"> ID="1">LUX> ID="2">B.V. Luxan> ID="3">Postbus 9"> ID="2">Registration Departm.> ID="3">NL-6600 AA Elst"> ID="1">MAK> ID="2">Makhteshim Agan> ID="3">Avenue Louise 283, Box 7"> ID="2">Intern. Coordination> ID="3">B-1050 Bruxelles"> ID="1">MAR> ID="2">Marubeni UK plc> ID="3">120 Moorgate"> ID="3">London EC2M 6SS"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">MCL> ID="2">Mitchell Cotts> ID="3">PO Box 6"> ID="2">Chemical Ltd> ID="3">Steanard Land"> ID="3">Mirfield"> ID="3">West Yorkshire WF14 8QB"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">MOD> ID="2">Monsanto SA> ID="3">Avenue de Tervuren 270-272"> ID="3">B-1150 Bruxelles"> ID="1">MSD> ID="2">Merck, Sharp & Dohme> ID="3">Zweefliegtuigstraat 6"> ID="2">Agrcul. Research> ID="3">B-1130 Bruxelles"> ID="1">MTM> ID="2">MTM Agrochemicals> ID="3">18 Liverpool Road"> ID="3">Great Sankey, Warrington"> ID="3">Cheshire WA5 1QR"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">NPS> ID="2">Nisso Chemical Europe> ID="3">Koenigsallee 90"> ID="3">D-40212 Duesseldorf"> ID="1">NUF> ID="2">Law Offices of Samuel> ID="3">68, boulevard de Courcelles"> ID="2">Pisar> ID="3">F-75017 Paris"> ID="1">OXO> ID="2">OXON Italia SpA> ID="3">Via Sempione, 195"> ID="3">I-20016 Pero (Milano)"> ID="1">PIB> ID="2">Pilar Ibérica SL> ID="3">Apartado de Correos 466"> ID="2">Juan Amich Gali> ID="3">E-08080 Barcelona"> ID="1">POR> ID="2">Portman Agrochemicals> ID="3">Apex House, Grand Arcade,"> ID="3">Tally Ho Corner 454"> ID="3">London N12 OEH"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">PRS> ID="2">Procida SA> ID="3">Boîte postale 1 Saint Marcel"> ID="2">Usine de Saint-Michel> ID="3">F-13367 Marseille Cedex 11"> ID="1">PTM> ID="2">Pen-Tsao-Materia> ID="3">Bergstrasse 11"> ID="2">Medica Center GmbH> ID="3">D-20095 Hamburg"> ID="1">PUS> ID="2">Phytorus SA> ID="3">PA La Malnoue"> ID="3">57, boulevard de l'Europe"> ID="3">F-77184 Émerainville"> ID="1">RHF> ID="2">Rohm & Haas France> ID="3">La Tour de Lyon"> ID="3">185, rue de Bercy"> ID="3">F-75579 Paris Cedex 12"> ID="1">RHU> ID="2">Rohm & Haas UK> ID="3">Lennig House,"> ID="3">2 Masons Avenue"> ID="3">Croydon CR9 3NB"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">ROP> ID="2">Rhône-Poulenc Agro> ID="3">14-20 rue Pierre Baizet"> ID="3">F-69009 Lyon Cedex 09"> ID="1">RUF> ID="2">Roussel Uclaf> ID="3">102, route de Noisy"> ID="2">Agrovet Division> ID="3">F-93230 Romainville"> ID="1">SIR> ID="2">Bakelite Italia> ID="3">Via Mazzini, 104"> ID="2">(Sirlite SpA)> ID="3">I-20158 Solbiate Olona"> ID="3">(Varese)"> ID="1">SOC> ID="2">SANC> ID="3">149, rue Oberkampf"> ID="3">F-75011 Paris"> ID="1">SOX> ID="2">Sorex Ltd> ID="3">St Micheals Road"> ID="3">Widnes, Cheshire WA8 8TJ"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">SPI> ID="2">C.F. Spiess & Sohn> ID="3">Postfach 1260"> ID="3">D-67262 Gruenstadt"> ID="1">SRG> ID="2">Stefes Research GmbH> ID="3">Postfach 1450"> ID="3">D-50143 Kerpen"> ID="1">SUM> ID="2">Sumitomo (UK) plc> ID="3">Vitner's Place"> ID="3">68 Upper Thames St"> ID="3">London EC4V 3BJ"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">TCH> ID="2">Topchem BV> ID="3">Hollandselaan 27"> ID="3">NL-1213 AM Hilversum"> ID="1">TES> ID="2">Tessenderlo Chemie> ID="3">Stationsstraat z/n"> ID="3">B-3980 Tessenderlo"> ID="1">TFP> ID="2">Task Force> ID="3">Kemisk Vaerk Koege"> ID="2">Phenmedipham TOP2> ID="3">Gl. Lyngvej 2"> ID="3">PO Box 259"> ID="3">D-4600 Koege"> ID="1">THN> ID="2">Thoroe Nielsen Aps> ID="3">Fredensgade 10"> ID="3">DK-7400 Herning"> ID="1">TOM> ID="2">Tomen France SA> ID="3">18, avenue de l'Opéra"> ID="3">F-75001 Paris"> ID="1">TRA> ID="2">Tradi-agri SA> ID="3">38, avenue Hoche"> ID="3">F-75008 Paris"> ID="1">UCB> ID="2">UCB SA> ID="3">Avenue Louise 326"> ID="2">Chemical Sector> ID="3">B-1050 Bruxelles"> ID="1">UNI> ID="2">Uniroyal Chemical> ID="3">Kenneth House"> ID="3">4 Langley Quay, Slough"> ID="3">Berkshire SL3 6EH"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">UPL> ID="2">United Phosphorus Ltd> ID="3">The Londoner"> ID="3">Welbeck Street"> ID="3">London WIM 8HS"> ID="3">United Kingdom"> ID="1">VET> ID="2">Vetyl-Chemie> ID="3">Gewerbestrasse 12-14"> ID="3">D-66557 Illingen/Saar"> ID="1">VIS> ID="2">Vischimi Srl> ID="3">Via Friuli, 55"> ID="3">I-20121 Milano"> ID="1">ZEN> ID="2">Regulatory Affairs> ID="3">Fernhurst, Haslemere"> ID="2">Department> ID="3">Surrey GU27 3JE"> ID="2">Zepeca Agrochemicals> ID="3">United Kingdom">


List of the designated authority in each Member State BELGIUM

Ministère de l'Agriculture

Inspection des matières premières

Manhattan Center-Office Tower

Avenue du boulevard, 21-9e étage

B-1210 Bruxelles


Ministry of Environment

Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Pesticide Division

Strandgade 29

DK-1401 Copenhagen K


Biologische Bundesanstalt fuer Land- und Forstwirtschaft (BBA)

Abteilung fuer Pflanzenschutzmittel und Anwendungstechnik (AP)

Messeweg 11-12

D-38104 Braunschweig


Ministry of Agriculture

Plant Protection Service

3-5 Hippokratous Street

GR-10679 Athens


Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación

Dirección General de Sanidad de la Producción Agraria

Juan Bravo, 3 B

E-28006 Madrid


Ministère de l'Agriculture

Service de la protection des Végétaux

175, rue du Chevaleret

F-75646 Paris Cedex 13


Pesticide Control Service

Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Abbotstown, Castleknock

IRL-Dublin 15


Ministero della Sanità

DG Igiene Alimentare e Nutrizione

Divisione V (fitofarmaci e residui)

Piazza G. Marconi, 25

I-00144 Roma


Administration des services techniques de l'Agriculture

Service de la protection des Végétaux

Boîte postale 1904

16, route d'Esch

L-1019 Luxembourg


College voor de Toelating van Bestrijdingsmiddelen

PO Box 217

NL-6700 AE Wageningen


Instituto de Protecçao da Produçao Agro-Alimentar

Centro Nacional de Protecçao da Produçao Agrícola (IPPAA-CNPPA)

Quinta do Marquês

P-2780 Oeiras


Pesticides Safety Directorate

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


United Kingdom Harpenden, Herts AL5 2SS


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