Decisions (with or without addressee) No. 0169 of 1994

Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments
Decisions (with or without addressee)



94/169/EC: Commission Decision of 20 January 1994 establishing an initial list of declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2 as defined by Council Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88

Official Journal L 081 , 24/03/1994 P. 0001 - 0045
Finnish special edition: Chapter 14 Volume 1 P. 0050
Swedish special edition: Chapter 14 Volume 1 P. 0050

COMMISSION DECISION of 20 January 1994 establishing an initial list of declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2 as defined by Council Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88 (94/169/EC)


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,

Having regard to Council Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88 of 24 June 1988 on the tasks of the Structural Funds and their effectiveness and on coordination of their activities between themselves and with the operations of the European Investment Bank and the other existing financial instruments (1), as amended by Regulation (EEC) No 2081/93 (2), and in particular Article 9 (3) thereof,

Whereas Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88 provides for, in particular in Article 12 (1), a second programming period from 1994 to 1999;

Whereas Article 9 (3) of the aformementioned Regulation states that the Commission shall, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 17 and on the basis of the criteria laid down in Article 9 (2), establish an initial list for three years of the declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2, taking into account the national priorities and situations, and in close consultation with the Member State concerned;

Whereas Article 9 (1) of the same Regulation states that the declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2 shall comprise regions, frontier regions or parts of regions (including employment areas and urban communities);

Whereas Article 9 (2) specifies the criteria to be used to define the declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2;

Whereas Article 9 (4) states that in establishing the list, the Commission and the Member States shall seek to ensure that assistance is genuinely concentrated on the areas most seriously affected, at the most appropriate geographical level, taking into account the particular situation of the areas concerned;

Whereas Article 9 (5) states that West-Berlin shall be eligible for aid under Objective 2 for the first three-year period referred to in paragraph 6 of the same Article;

Whereas Article 17 of the aforementioned Regulation specifies the procedure to be followed in respect of Committees to assist the Commission in implementing the Regulation;

Whereas Article 27 of Council Regulation (EEC) No 4253/88 of 19 December 1988 laying down provisions for implementing Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88 as regards coordination of the activities of the different Structural Funds between themselves and with the operations of the European investment Bank and the other existing financial instruments (3), as amended by Regulation (EEC) No 2082/93 (4), sets up an Advisory Committee on the Development and Conversion of Regions, and states that the said Committee shall deliver an opinion on the drawing-up of the list of areas eligible in connection with Objective 2;

Whereas that Committee has delivered a favourable opinion,


Article 1

The initial list of declining industrial areas concerned by Objective 2 and covering the period from 1994 to 1996, established pursuant to Article 9 (3) of Regulation (EEC) No 2052/88, is set out in the Annex.

Article 2

This Decision is addressed to the Member States.

Done at Brussels, 20 January 1994.

For the Commission


Member of the Commission

(1) OJ No L 185, 15. 7. 1988, p. 9.(2) OJ No L 193, 31. 7. 1993, p. 5.(3) OJ No L 374, 31. 12. 1988, p. 1.(4) OJ No L 193, 31. 7. 1993, p. 20.




"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Liège > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Waremme > ID="3"" ID="4">'Commune': Saint Georges-sur-Meuse "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Huy > ID="3"" ID="4">'Communes': Amay Engis Héron Villers-le-Bouillet Wanze "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Verviers > ID="3"" ID="4">'Communes': Pépinster Verviers (the industrial zone of Plènesses included) Dison "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Turnhout > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeenten': Balen Geel Grobbendonk Herentals Herenthout Kasterlee Laakdal Meerhout Mol Olen Turnhout Westerlo "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Hasselt > ID="3">'Gemeenten': Gingelom Halen Herk-de-Stad Zutendaal "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Arlon > ID="3"" ID="4">'Commune': Aubange "" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial sites" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Maaseik > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeenten': Dilsen-Stokkem Houthalen-Helchteren Lommel Overpelt "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Tongeren > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeente': Maasmechelen ""


"" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Nordjylland > ID="3"" ID="4">Broenderslev Dronninglund Frederikshavn Hadsund Hals Hirtshals Hobro Pandrup Sejlflod Skagen Skoerping Stoevring Saeby Sindal AAbybro AAlborg (excluding the island of Egholm) "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Storstroem > ID="3"" ID="4">Holeby Hoejreby Maribo (excluding the island of Askoe) Nakskov Nysted Ravnsborg (excluding the islands of Fejoe and Femoe) Rudbjerg Roedby Sakskoebing ""


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Bremerhaven, krfr. St. > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Duisburg > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Oberhausen > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Gelsenkirchen > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Herne > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Salzgitter > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Bad Lebenstedt Watenstedt Beddingen Calbrecht/Engerode "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Bremen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Altstadt Bahnhofsvorstadt Handelshafen/Industriehaefen "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">2 > ID="2">Bremen > ID="3"" ID="4">Neustaedterhaefen/Hohentorshafen Alte Neustadt Hohentor Neustadt Neuenland Habenhausen Woltmershausen Rablinghausen Seehausen Strom Neuschwachhausen Buergerpark Riensberg Radio Bremen Gartenstadt-Vahr Neue Vahr-Nord Neue Vahr-Suedwest Neue Vahr-Suedost Horn Lehe Lehesterdeich Osterholz Sebalsbrueck Hastedt Hemelingen Arbergen Mahndorf Regensburger Strasse Findorff Weidedamm In den Hufen Utbremen Steffensweg Westend Lindenhof Oslebshausen Burg-Grambke Werderland Burgdamm Lesum St. Magnus Vegesack Grohn Faehr-Lobbendorf Blumenthal Roennebeck "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Wilhelmshaven > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Sued Zentrum Tonndeich Heppens Inselviertel Paedagogenviertel Wiesenhof Aldenburg Stadtpark Neuengroden Altengroden-Sued Altengroden-Nord West Ruestersiel Baugroden Nordwest Industriegebiet Ost "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">4 > ID="2">Emden > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Logumer Vorwerk Larrelt-VW-Siedlung Correbbersweg Constantia "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Grafschaft Bentheim > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Nordhorn, St. Engden Isterberg Quendorf Schuettorf "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Peine > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Peine, 'Stadtteile': Dungelbeck Duttenstedt Eixe Essinghausen Gunzelinfeld Simonstiftung Suedl. Aue Suedstadt Stederdorf Walzwerk Woltorf Hohenhameln, 'Ortsteile': Equord Mehrum Stedum Ilsede Lahstedt Lengede "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Helmstedt > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Helmstedt, St. Schoeningen, St. Bueddenstedt Frellstedt Wolsdorf Raebke Twieflingen Soellingen "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Wesel > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Dinslaken, St. Huenxe Kamp-Lintfort, St. Moers, without 'Stadtteile': Asberg Schwafheim Kapellen-Mitte Acherathsfeld Holderberg Neukirchen-Vluyn, St. Rheinberg, St. Voerde, St. "> ID="1">9 > ID="2">Recklinghausen > ID="3">'Gemeinden': Haltern, St. Recklinghausen, 'Stadtteile': Bockholt Speckhorn Nordviertel, noerdl. Teil Westviertel, westl. Teil Hochlar-Teilbereich Essel Suderwich-Dorf "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">9 > ID="2">Recklinghausen > ID="3">Ost-Kuniberg Ost-Lohwegssiedlung Ost-Quellberg Marl, Stadtteil Drewer-Sued"> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Dortmund > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Brechten Aplerbeck II Aplerbecker Mark, II, III Berghofen I, II Berghofer Mark Soelde I, II Soelderholz Lichtendorf Benninghofen Benninghofen-Loh Hoerde-Sued Hoechsten Holzen Syburg Buchholz Wellinghofen (-Nord, -Sued) Wichlinghofen Bittermark Kruckel Schnee Grossholthausen Loettringhausen-Nord Kirchhoerde (-West, -Ost) Loettringhausen (-Sued, -West, -Ost) Schanze Rombergpark Westfalenhalle (without Unterbezirk 013) Westfalendamm (-Suedost, -Suedwest, -Nordost) Luecklemberg Ruhrallee (-West, -Ost) Kurl (-Nord, -Sued) Husen-Sued Lanstrop (-West, -Ost) Asseln (-Nord, -Dorf, -Hellweg) Brackel (-Reichshof, -Dorf, -Westheck, -Hellweg, -Knappschaftskrankenhaus, -Bahnhof, -Funkturm) Wambel-Sued Wickede (-Nord, -Ost, -Dorf) Barop (-Schoenau, -Nordost) Bruenninghausen Renninghausen Eichlinghofen Salingen Persebeck Menglinghausen-West Jungferntal Rahm Erpinghof Wischlingen Kirchlinde (-Alt, -West) Westrich Westerfilde "> ID="1">11 > ID="2">Hamm > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Innenstadt-West Uentrop-Ost Rhynern-Sued Pelkum "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">11 > ID="2">Hamm > ID="3"" ID="4">Herringen Bockum-Hoevel Heessen "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">Unna > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Bergkamen, St. Boenen Kamen, St. Luenen, St. Selm, St. Werne, St. "> ID="1">13 > ID="2">Bochum > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Hordel Guennigfeld Wattenscheid-Zentrum Westenfeld Hoentrop Eppendorf Linden Dahlhausen Stiepel Weitmar-Mitte Weitmar-Mark Brenschede Querenburg-Nord Langendreer-Sued and West Werne-Sued Laer-Mitte "> ID="1">14 > ID="2">Heinsberg > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Hueckelhoven, St. Heinsberg, St. Wassenberg, St. Geilenkirchen, St. Erkelenz, St. UEbach-Palenberg, St. "> ID="1">15 > ID="2">Bottrop > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Fuhlenbrock Batenbrock-Sued Bottrop-West Eigen Boy "> ID="1">16 > ID="2">Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis > ID="3"" ID="4">Wetter a. d. Ruhr Hattingen Witten, without 'Stadtteile': Kohlensiepen Wartenberg Gedern Ruedinghausen-Mitte Buchenholz Steinhausen Bommerbank Bommerfeld Wettberg Buschey Bommeregge Wannen Lake Bommerholz-Muttental Durchholz "> ID="1">17 > ID="2">Krefeld > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Hohenbudberg Uerdingen-Stadtpark (without Wohngeb. westl. Bremer Str.) "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">17 > ID="2">Krefeld > ID="3"" ID="4">Uerdingen-Markt Linn Gellep-Stratum, part Stratum "> ID="1">18 > ID="2">Hagen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Haspe-Ost Hohenlimburg-Sued Lennetal Vorhalle Boele "> ID="1">19 > ID="2">Schweinfurt, krfr. St. > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">20 > ID="2">Schweinfurt, Landkr. > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Gochsheim Schwebheim Bergrheinfeld Roethlein "> ID="1">21 > ID="2">Hof, krfr. St. > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">22 > ID="2">Pirmasens, krfr. St. > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">23 > ID="2">Pirmasens, Landkr. > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Dahn, St. Fischbach Hinterweidenthal Bottenbach Muenchweiler Althornbach Rodalben, St. Nuenschweiler Contwig Dellfeld Dietrichingen Grosssteinhausen Hornbach, St. Kleinsteinhausen Mauschbach Riedelberg Walshausen "> ID="1">24 > ID="2">Zweibruecken > ID="3">'Stadtteil' Hasensteigsiedlung "> ID="1">25 > ID="2">Kaiserlautern, krfr. St. > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Innenstadt Suedwest Betzenberg Laemmchesberg/Uni Baennjerrueck Moelschbach Dansenberg Hohenecken Erlenbach Morlautern Innenstadt/Nord/Kaiserberg Erlhuetten/Wiesenthalerhof "> ID="1">26 > ID="2">Kaiserslautern, Landkr. > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Ramstein-Miesenbach (without Miesenbach) Landstuhl, St. (without 'Stadtteile' Atzel, Melkerei) Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau (without 'Ortsteile' Miesau, Elschbach, Vogelbach) Hauptstuhl "> ID="1">27 > ID="2">Saarbruecken, Stadtverband > ID="3">'Gemeinde': Riegelsberg Saarbruecken, St., 'Stadtteile': Eschringen Eschberg Wackenberg "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">27 > ID="2">Saarbruecken, Stadtverband > ID="3">Bischmisheim Schafbruecke Jaegersfreude Herrensohr Scheidt Malstatt (without Distrikte Rastpfuhl, Untere Malstatt, Leipziger Str.) St. Johann (without Distrikte Universitaet, Am Staden) "> ID="1">28 > ID="2">Saarlouis > ID="3">'Gemeinden': Nalbach Wadgassen Wallerfangen "> ID="1">29 > ID="2">Kassel, krfr. St. > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Suesterfeld (without Bezirke 023-025) Wilhelmshoehe-Militaerliegenschaften Rothenditmold Nord Philippinenhof Fasanenhof Wesertor Bettenhausen (without Bezirk 714) Waldau + part Fuldabrueck/ 'Ortsteil' Berghausen Niederzwehren Oberzwehren Unterneustadt "> ID="1">30 > ID="2">Kassel, Landkr. > ID="3"" ID="4">Stadt Baunatal, 'Stadtteile': Kirchbauna Altenbauna-VW-Werk Rengershausen "> ID="1">31 > ID="2">Kiel > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Neumuehlen-Dietrichsdorf Wellingdorf Ellerbek Gaarden-Ost Gaarden-Sued, Bezirk 1, Bezirk 4 Wellsee Moorsee Meimersdorf Suedfriedhof, Bezirk 4 Suedfriedhof, Bezirk 5 Vorstadt Altstadt Duesternbrook Ravensberg Wik Holtenau Friedrichsort Pries "" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial sites" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Warendorf > ID="3"" ID="4">Ahlen, St. "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Essen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Stadtteile': Katernberg Stoppenberg Bergeborbeck Vogelheim Altenessen Sued "" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial sites" ID="1">3 > ID="2">Neunkirchen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeinden': Schiffweiler Illingen ('Ortsteile' Illingen, Wustweiler, Uchtelfangen) Eppelborn "" ID="1">BERLIN" ID="2">Berlin > ID="3">'Stadtteile': Tiergarten 003 Hansaviertel 004 Tiergarten Wedding 006 Soldiner Strasse 007 Gesundbrunnen Spandau 027 Johannisstift 039 Kladow Wilmersdorf 045 Ruedesheimer Platz 047 Grunewaldsee Zehlendorf 050 Argentinische Allee 052 Nikolassee 053 Wannsee Schoeneberg 060 Rubensstrasse 061 Friedenau Steglitz 062 Schlossstrasse Tempelhof 074 Lichtenrade Neukoelln 081 Buckow 1 082 Buckow 2 Reinickendorf 089 Alt-Tegel 090 Konradshoehe 091 Heiligensee 092 Frohnau 093 Hermsdorf 095 Luebars 097 Breitenbachstrasse ""


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Álava > ID="3"" ID="4">'comarcas' of: Llanada Alavesa and Cantabria Alavesa and the 'municipio' of Legutiano "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Guipúzcoa > ID="3">'municipios' of: Albiztur Alkiza Asteasu Bidegoyan Hernialde "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">2 > ID="2">Guipúzcoa > ID="3">Larraul Aia Beizama Errezil "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Vizcaya > ID="3">'municipios' of: Arantzazu Castillo-Elejabeitia Ceanuri Zeberio Dima Otxandio Orozko Ubidea Areatza Arcentales Carranza Galdames Lanestosa Sopuerta Trucios "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Zaragoza > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Alagón Alfajarín El Burgo de Ebro Cabañas de Ebro Cadrete Cuarte de Huerva Figueruelas La Joyosa Pedrola Pinseque Puebla de Alfindén San Mateo de Gállego Sobradiel Torres de Berrelén Utebo Villanueva de Gállego Zuera and the 'municipio' of Zaragoza with the exclusion of the 'distritos' of Casco Antiguo and Ensanche "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Barcelona > ID="3">the 'municipio' of Barcelona, with the exception of the following 'unidades estadísticas básicas': 4. Parc, 5. Gòtic, 6. Raval, 8. Diagonal Mar, 16. Glòries, 18. Clot, 19. Sagrera, 21. Sant Andreu, 27. Porta, 30. Ciutat Meridiana, 33. Roquetes, 37. Turò de la Peira, 41. Guinardó, 45. Vall d'Hebró, 46. Carinel-Horta, 87. Zona Franca, 88. Montjuïc and 89. Poble Sec "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Girona > ID="3"" ID="4">'comarcas' of: Baix Empordà La Selva Ripollès and 'municipios' of: Espinelves Vidrà Viladrau "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">2 > ID="2">Tarragona > ID="3"" ID="4">'comarcas' of: Baix Camp Baix Penedès Ribera d'Ebre Tarragonès "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Navarra > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Altsasu-Alsásua Araitz Arantza Arano Arakil Arbizu Areso Arruazu Bakaiku Betelu Ziordia Etxalar Etxarri-Aranaz Ergoien Goizueta Uharte-Arakil Irañeta Iturmendi Lakuntza Larraun Leitza Lesaka Olazti-Olazagutía Urdiain Bera/Vera de Bidasoa Igantzi Irurtzun "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Navarra > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Adios Ansoain Añorbe Aoiz Aranguren Biurrun-Olcoz Burlada Zizur Etxauri Eguees Elorz Enériz Galar Huarte Ibargoiti Iza Izagaondoa Juslapeña Legarda Lizoain Lónguida Monreal Muruzábal Obanos Olza "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Navarra > ID="3"" ID="4">Puente la Reina Tiebas-Muruarte de Reta Tirapu Ucar Unciti Urroz Uterga Villava Barañain Berrioplano Berriozar Beriain Orcoyen Cizur Mayor and 'barrios' of: Rochapea, Chantrea and La Milagrosa in the 'municipio' of Pamplona "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">La Rioja > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Agoncillo Albelda de Iregua Alberite Alcanadre Anguciana Arrubal Briones Casalarreina Cenicero Cihuri Entrena Fuenmayor Gimileo Haro Hormilleja Huércanos Lardero Murillo de Río Leza Nájera Navarrete Ollauri Ribafrecha Rodezno San Asensio Tricio Uruñuela Villamediana de Iregua Zarratón and the 'distrito' No 2 and the 'distrito' No 4 ('secciones' Nos 9 and 23) of the 'municipio' of Logroño "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Baleares > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Alaró Binissalem Búger Campanet Consell Inca Lloseta Mancor Marratxí Santa Maria Selva "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Madrid > ID="3"" ID="4">'municipios' of: Alcalá de Henares Alcorcón Fuenlabrada Getafe Leganés Móstoles Parla Rivas-Vaciamadrid San Fernando de Henares Torrejón de Ardoz ""


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Ardennes > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin Vallée de la Meuse: 'Z.e.' Vallée de la Meuse (2101) (1) and the 'cantons' of: Novion-Porcien Rethel "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Aube > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin textile aubois: the 'cantons' of: Arcis-sur-Aube Bar-sur-Aube Bar-sur-Seine Bouilly Estissac Lusigny-sur-Barse Méry-sur-Seine Piney Ramerupt the 'cantons' of Romilly-sur-Seine the 'cantons' of Troyes Vendeuvre-sur-Barse Sainte-Savine La Chapelle-Saint-Luc "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Aisne > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Chauny-Ternier (2232) 'Z.e.' Saint-Quentin (2231) 'Z.e.' Soissons (2207) 'Z.e.' Thiérache (2241) "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Somme > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Abbeville (2211) 'Z.e.' Amiens (2202) 'Z.e.' Santerre-Somme (2219) 'Z.e.' Vimeu (2212) "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Seine-Maritime > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' vallée de la Bresle (2) (2308) 'Z.e.' Lillebonne (2312) 'Z.e.' Dieppe (2322) (3) 'Z.e.' Fécamp (2311) (4) 'Z.e.' Le Havre (2310) (5) 'Z.e.' Rouen part (2321) (6) the 'cantons' of: Amfreville only the 'communes' of: Amfreville-la-Campagne "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">5 > ID="2">Seine-Maritime > ID="3"" ID="4">Bec-Thomas Fouqueville Gros-Theil Harengère Haye-du-Theil Houlbec-près-le-Gros-Theil Mandeville Saint-Armand-des-Hautes-Terres Saint-Cyr-la-Campagne Saint-Didier-des-Bois Saint-Germain-de-Pasquier Saint-Meslin-du-Bosc Saint-Quen-de-Pontcheuil Saint-Pierre-des-Fleurs Saint-Pierre-du-Bosguérard Saussaye Thuit-Anger Thuit-Signol Thuit-Simer Tourville-la-Campagne Vraiville Les Andelys only the 'commune' of: Muids Bourgtheroulde-Infreville Fleury-sur-Andelle the 'cantons' of Louviers except the 'commune' of: La Vacherie Neubourg only the 'communes' of: Canappeville Cesseville Crestot Criquebeuf-la-Campagne Daubeuf-la-Campagne Ecquetot Venon Villettes Pont-de-l'Arche Routout only the 'communes' of: Barneville-sur-Seine Bosgouet Bouquetot Bourg-Achard Caumont Éturqueraye Hauville Haye-Aubrée Haye-de-Routot Honguemare-Guénouville Landin Rougemontiers Routot Saint-Quen-de-Thouberville Trinité-de-Thouberville Val de Reuil Bacqueville-en-Caux only the 'commune' of: Lestanville Boos Caudebec-en-Caux only the 'communes' of: Heurteauville Mailleraye-sur-Seine Notre-Dame-de-Blique Darnetal Doudeville only the 'communes' of: Amfreville-les-Champs Berville "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">5 > ID="2">Seine-Maritime > ID="3"" ID="4">Boudeville Torp-Mesnil Yvecrique Duclair Elbeuf Grand-Couronne Longueville-sur-Scie only the 'commune' of: Heugleville-sur-Scie Maromme Pavilly only the 'communes' of: Barentin Beautot Betteville Blacqueville Bouville Butot Carville-la-Folletière Croix-Mare Écalles-Alix Émanville Fresquienne Fréville Goupillières Gueutteville Limesy Mesnil-Panneville Mont-de-l'If Pavilly Sainte-Austreberthe Saint-Ouen-du-Breuil Villers-Écalles Yerville only the 'communes' of: Ancrétiéville-Saint-Victor Auzouville-l'Esneval Bourdainville Cideville Criquetot-sur-Ouville Ectot-l'Auber Flamanville Hugleville-en-Caux Lindebeuf Motteville Ouville-l'Abbaye Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres Saussay Vibeuf Yerville Bois Guillaume only the 'commune' of: Isnoville Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf Mont St Aignan Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville only the 'communes' of: Montigny Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville Pissy-Poville Roumare Vaupalière Petit-Quevilly Saint-Étienne-de-Rouvray the 'cantons' of Sotteville-lès-Rouen Grand-Quevilly "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Eure > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Vernon (part) (2317): the 'cantons' of: "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">6 > ID="2">Eure > ID="3"" ID="4">Les Andelys only the 'communes' of: Andelys Boisemont Bouafles Corny Courcelles-sur-Seine Cuverville Daubeuf-près-Vatteville Fresne-l'Archevêque Guiseniers Harquency Hennezis Heuqueville Notre-Dame-de-l'Isle Port-Mort Roquette Suzay Thuit Vatteville Vezillon Écos Gaillon Gaillon-Campagne "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Cher > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Bourges-Vierzon: 'Z.e.' Vierzon (2412) and the 'cantons' of: Aix-d'Angillon Baugy Charost Levet Mehun-sur-Yèvre only the 'communes' of: Allouis Berry-Bouy Mehun-sur-Yèvre Sainte-Torette Saint-Martin-d'Auxigny Saint-Doulchard the 'cantons' of Bourges "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Saône-et-Loire > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Chalon-sur-Saône-le Creusot: the 'cantons' of Couches only the 'communes' of: Cheilly-les-Maranges Couches Dezize-lès-Maranges Dracy-lès-Couches Paris-l'Hôpital Saint-Émiland Saint-Jean-de-Trézy Saint-Martin-de-Commune Saint-Maurice-lés-Couches Saint-Sernin-du-Plain Sampigny-lès-Maranges Toulon-sur-Arroux only the 'commune' of: Marly-sur-Arroux Autun-Sud Autun-Nord only the 'commune' of Autun (part of the 'commune' not included in the 'canton' of Autun-Sud 'Z.e.' Creusot (2664) 'Z.e.' Montceau-les-Mines (2672) without 'canton' of La Guiche 'Z.e.' Chalon-sur-Saône (2641) without 'canton' of Verdun-sur-le-Doubs "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">9 > ID="2">Nord > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Roubaix-Tourcoing (3110) 'Z.e.' Lille (part) (3110): the 'cantons' of: Armentières only the 'communes' of: Capinghem Erquinghem-Lys Prémesques Chapelle Arment Houplines Armentières La Bassée only the 'communes' of: La Bassée Sainghin-en-Weppes Salomé Haubourdin Cysoing only the 'communes' of: Bouvines Sainghin-en-Mélantois Péronne-en-Melantois Lannoy only the 'communes' of: Anstaing Baisieux Chéreng Sailly-lès-Lannois Forest-sur-Marque Willems Gruzon Tressin Hem the 'cantons' of Lille except the 'commune' of: Wambrechies Pont-à-Marcq only the 'commune' of: Fretin Quesnoy-sur-Deûle only the 'commune' of: Pérenchies Seclin-Nord Seclin-Sud only the 'communes' of: Don Seclin, part included in Seclin-Sud Marcq-en-Baroeul only the 'commune' of: Marcq-en-Baroeul Lomme only the 'communes' of: Séquedin Englos Hallennes-lès-Haubourdin Lomme the 'cantons' of Villeneuve d'Ascq 'Z.e.' Dunkerque (3112) 'Z.e.' Cambrésis (3116) "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Pas-de-Calais > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Lens-Hénin (3122) 'Z.e.' Bassin Minier ouest (3123) 'Z.e.' Calaisis (3125) 'Z.e.' Boulonnais (3126) 'Z.e.' Berck-Montreuil (part) (3127): the 'cantons' of: Montreuil Étaples Berck 'Z.e.' Artois-Ternois (part) (3127): the 'cantons' of: Vimy Vitry-en-Artois "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">11 > ID="2">Vosges > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin d'Épinal: the 'cantons' of: Bruyères Charmes Châtel-sur-Moselle Dompaire the 'cantons' of Épinal Plombières-les-Bains Rambervillers Xertigny 'Z.e.' Saint-Dié (4193) "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">Sarthe > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Mans (part) (5210): the 'cantons' of: Ballon Beaumont-sur-Sarthe Conlie Écommoy Montfort-le-Gesnois Suze-sur-Sarthe Mans-Nord-Ouest Mans-Sud-Est Mans-Sud-Ouest Mans-Est-Campagne Mans-Nord-Campagne Allonnes Mans "> ID="1">13 > ID="2">Charente > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Angoulême (part) (5405): the 'cantons' of: Châteauneuf-sur-Charente Hiersac Rochefoucauld Couronne Ruelle-sur-Touvre Soyaux Gond-Pontouvre the 'cantons' of Angoulême "> ID="1">14 > ID="2">Drôme > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Valence (part): the 'cantons' of: Bourg-de-Péage Chabeuil only the 'communes' of: Barcelonne Baume-Cornillane Chabeuil Châteaudouble Combovin Malissard Montélier Montmeyran Montvendre Peyrus Upie Crest-Nord only the 'communes' of: Allex Aouste-sur-Sye Eurre Montoison Ourches Vaunaveys-la-Rochette part of Crest Crest-Sud only the 'communes' of: Repara-Auriples Autichamp Chabrillan Divajeu "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">14 > ID="2">Drôme > ID="3"" ID="4">Grane Puy-Saint-Martin Repara Roche-sur-Grane part of Crest Loriol-sur-Drôme Romans-sur-Isère 1er Romans-sur-Isère 2e only the part of the 'commune' of: Romans-sur-Isère Saint-Vallier only the 'communes' of: Ponsas Saint-Vallier Tain-l'Hermitage Bourg-lès-Valence Portes-lès-Valence the 'cantons' of Valence "> ID="1">15 > ID="2">Loire > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Saint-Étienne (part) (8213): the 'cantons' of: Chambon-Feugerolles Chazelles-sur-Lyon Feurs only the 'commune' of: Marclopt Firminy Rive-de-Gier Saint-Galmier Saint-Héand Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Grand-Croix the 'cantons' of Saint-Chamond the 'cantons' of Saint-Étienne 'Z.e.' Roanne (part) (8201): the 'cantons' of: Charlieu Perreux the 'cantons' of Roanne "> ID="1">16 > ID="2">Puy de Dôme > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Clermont-Ferrand (part) (8321): the 'cantons' of: Ennezat Issoire only the 'communes' of: Coudes Montpeyroux Pont-du-Château Riom-Est only the 'communes' of: Ménétrol part of Riom Riom-Ouest Veyre-Monton Aubière Beaumont Cournon-d'Auvergne Gerzat Royat only the 'communes' of: Durtol Nohanent Royat Clermont-Ferrand-Centre Clermont-Ferrand-Est Clermont-Ferrand-Nord Clermont-Ferrand-Sud Clermont-Ferrand-Sud-Est Montferrand "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Haute-Saône > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Lure-Luxeuil (4302) "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Haute-Loire/Ruj-de-Dôme > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Issoire (part) (8331): the 'cantons' of: Auzon only the 'communes' of: Auzon Frugères-les-Mines Lempdes Sainte-Florine Saint-Hilaire Vergongheon Vézézoux Brioude-Nord only the 'commune' of: Bournoncle-Saint-Pierre Issoire only the 'communes' of: Bergonne Broc Issoire Meilhaud Orbeil Pardines Perrier Saint-Yvoine Sauvagnat-Sainte-Marthe Solignat Vodable Jumeaux only the 'communes': Auzat-sur-Allier Brassac-les-Mines Jumeaux Saint-Germain-Lembron "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Allier/Puy-de-Dôme > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Vichy-Thiers: the 'cantons' of: Cusset-Nord only the 'communes' of: Creuzier-le-Neuf Creuzier-le-Vieux part of Cusset Escurolles only the 'communes' of: Bellerive-sur-Allier Brugheas Charmeil Hauterive Varennes-sur-Allier only the 'communes' of: Billy Saint-Germain-des-Fosses Cusset-Sud only the 'communes' of: Abrest Mariol Saint-Yorre Vernet part of Cusset the 'cantons' of Vichy Châteldon only the 'communes' of: Paslières Puy-Guillaume Courpières only the 'commune' of: Courpière Lezoux only the 'commune' of: Peschadoires Maringues only the 'commune' of: Limons Randan only the 'communes' of: Beaumont-lès-Randan Mons "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">3 > ID="2">Allier/Puy-de-Dôme > ID="3"" ID="4">Randan Saint-Priest-Bramefant Saint-Sylvestre-Pragoulin Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle only the 'communes' of: Arconsat Celles-sur-Durolle Chabreloche Monnerie-le-Montel Palladuc Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle Viscomtat Thiers only the 'communes' of: Escoutoux Thiers "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Marne/Haute-Marne > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de la Marne moyenne: the 'cantons' of: Écury-sur-Coole Doulaincourt-Saucourt Vignory and 'Z.e.' Marne moyenne (2105) except the 'canton' of Poissons "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Aisne > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Laon (2242) "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Calvados > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Caen (part) (2501): the 'cantons' of: Bourguebus Bretteville-sur-Laize only the 'communes' of: Barbery Boulon Bretteville-le-Rabet Bretteville-sur-Laize Bu-sur-Rouvres Cauvicourt Cintheaux Condé-sur-Ifs Estrées-la-Campagne Fierville-Bray Fontaine-le-Pin Fresney-le-Puceux Fresney-le-Vieux Gouvix Grainville-Langannerie Magny-la-Campagne Maizières Moulines Ouilly-le-Tesson Rouvres Saint-Germain-le-Vasson Saint-Sylvain Soignolles Urville Vieux-Fumé Caen 1er Caen 2e Creully, only the 'communes' of: Anisy Cairon Gambes-en-Plaine Lasson "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">3 > ID="2">Calvados > ID="3"" ID="4">Rosel Villons-les-Buissons Douvres-la-Délivrande, only the 'commune' of: Mathieu Évrecy only the 'communes' of: Amaye-sur-Orne Avenay Baron-sur-Odon Bougy Esquay-Notre-Dame Éterville Évrecy Feuguerolles-Bully Fontaine-Étoupefour Gavrus Maizet Maltot Sainte-Honorine-du-Fay Tourville-sur-Odon Vacognes-Neuilly Verson Vieux Falaise-Nord only the 'communes' of: Aubigny Bons-Tassilly Potigny Saint-Pierre-Canivet Saint-Pierre-du-Bu Soulangy Soumont-Saint-Quentin Ussy Villers-Canivet part of Falaise Falaise-Sud Morteaux-Couliboeuf, only the 'communes' of: Beaumais Bernières-d'Ailly Crocy Épanay Ernes Fourches Jorte Marrais-la-Chapelle Morteaux-Couliboeuf Ollendon Perrières Sassy Vendeuvre Vicques Vignats Tilly-sur-Seulles, only the 'communes' of: Rots Saint-Manvieu-Norey Troarn Cabourg, only the 'communes' of: Amfreville Colombelles Escoville Hérouvillette Ranville Ouistréham the 'cantons' of Caen "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">4 > ID="2">Manche > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Cherbourg (2504) "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Nièvre > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin du Val de Loire: the 'cantons' of: Charité-sur-Loire Décizé Pougues-les-Eaux Pouilly-sur-Loire Guérigny Machine the 'cantons' of Nevers the 'cantons' of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire Imphy "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Meurthe-et-Moselle > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Longwy (4111) 'Z.e.' Briey (4112) "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Moselle > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Thionville (4113) Bassin houiller Sarreguemines: 'Z.e.' bassin houiller (4141) and the 'cantons' of: Sarreguemines Sarreguemines-Campagne "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Vosges > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Remiremont-Gérardmer (4192) "> ID="1">9 > ID="2">Haut-Rhin > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Mulhouse: the 'commune' of Mulhouse without the 'canton' of Mulhouse-Est the 'cantons' of: Cernay only the 'communes' of: Cernay Staffelfelden Wittelsheim Ensisheim only the 'communes' of: Ensisheim Pulversheim Guebwiller only the 'commune ' von: Guebwiller Soultz-Haut-Rhin only the 'communes' of: Berrwiller Bollwiller Feldkirch Issenheim Soultz-Haut-Rhin Ungersheim Thann only the 'commune' of: Vieux-Thann Wittenheim only the 'communes' of: Kingersheim Richwiller Wittenheim Illzach only the 'commune' of: Ruelisheim "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Belfort > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Belfort (4303) "> ID="1">11 > ID="2">Haute-Saône/Doubs > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Montbéliard (4305) "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">Loire-Atlantique > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Saint-Nazaire et Estuaire de la Loire: 'Z.e.' Saint-Nazaire (5202) and the 'cantons' of: Pellerin Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc Rèze Saint-Herblain-Ouest-Indre the 'cantons' of Nantes 3 and 5 "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">13 > ID="2">Maine-et-Loire > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.'Cholet (part) (5205): the 'cantons' of: Beaupreau Chemille Montfaucon Montrevault Saint-Florent-le-Vieil Vihiers the 'cantons' of Cholet Herbiers Mortagne-sur-Sèvre Bassin d'Angers: the 'commune' of Angers without the 'canton' of Angers-Centre: the 'cantons' of: Angers-Nord-Ouest Angers-Quest Tierce only the 'communes' of: Briollay Feneu Soucelles Angers-Nord-Est Louroux-Béconnais only the 'commune' of: Saint-Clément-de-la-Place Angers-Nord only the 'communes' of: Montreuil-Juigne Cantonay-Épinard Meignanne Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie Angers-Est Saint-Georges-sur-Loire only the 'communes' of: Saint-Jean-de-Ligneres Savennières Saint-Léger-des-Bois Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux Angers-Trelaze only the 'commune' of: Trelaze Ponts-de-Cé only the 'communes' of: Ponts-de-Cé Sainte-Gemmes Murs-Érigne Sainte-Gemmes "> ID="1">14 > ID="2">Morbihan/Finistère > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Lorient (part) (5353): the 'cantons' of: Arzano Bannalec only the 'commune' of: Bannalec Quimperlé Hennebont Plouay Pont-Scorff Port-Louis Lanester Ploemeur the 'cantons' of Lorient "> ID="1">15 > ID="2">Côtes-d'Armor > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Saint-Brieuc-Guingamp-Lannion: the 'cantons' of: Bégard Châtelaudren Étables-sur-Mer Guingamp Lamballe Lannion "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">15 > ID="2">Côtes-d'Armor > ID="3"" ID="4">Lanvollon Lézardrieux Moncontour Paimpol without the 'commune' of: Île-de-Bréhat Perros-Guirec Plestin-les-Grèves Ploeuc-sur-Lie Plouagat Plouaret Plouha Pontrieux Quintin Roche-Derrien Tréguier Langueux Plérin Ploufragan the 'cantons' of Saint-Brieuc "> ID="1">16 > ID="2">Finistère > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Brest (part) (5330): the 'cantons' of: Daoulas Landerneau Plabennec Saint-Renan without the 'commune' of: Île-Molène Guipavas Brest-Plouzané Brest-Centre Brest-Saint-Marc Brest-Lanbézellec Brest-Cavale only the 'communes' of: Guilers Bohars Brest-Hermitage-Gouesnou only the 'commune' of: Gouesnou "> ID="1">17 > ID="2">Charente-Maritime > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' La Rochelle (part) (5410): the 'cantons' of: Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis Jarrie only the 'communes' of: Bourgneuf Clavette Croix-Chapeau Jarne Jarrie Montroy Saint-Christophe Saint-Médard-d'Aunis Saint-Rogatien Sainte-Soulle Saint-Vivien Salles-sur-Mer Verines Surgères Aytre the 'cantons' of La Rochelle without the 'commune' of Esnandes "> ID="1">18 > ID="2">Vienne > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' of Châtellerault (part) (5402): the 'cantons' of: Vouneuil-sur-Vienne only the 'communes' of: Availles-en-Châtellerault Beaumont Bellefonds "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">18 > ID="2">Vienne > ID="3"" ID="4">Bonneuil-Matours Cenon-sur-Vienne Monthoiron Vouneuil-sur-Vienne Dangé-Saint-Romain Lencloître Saint-Gervais-les-Trois-Clochers the 'cantons' of Châtellerault "> ID="1">19 > ID="2">Deux-Sèvres > ID="3"" ID="4">Extension du Choletais (part of the 'Z.e.' of Nord-Deux-Sèvres, 5412): the 'cantons' of: Bressuire Cerizay Mauléon "> ID="1">20 > ID="2">Pyrénées-Atlantiques > ID="3"" ID="4">Bassin de Pau-Lacq-Orthez: the 'cantons' of: Arthez-de-Béarn only the 'communes' of: Argagnon Arnos Arthez-de-Béarn Artix Boumourt Castéide-Cami Castillon Cescau Doazon Labastide-Cézeracq Labastide-Monrejeau Lacadée Serres-Sainte-Marie Urdes Viellenave-d'Arthez part of the 'commune' of Lacq Lagor only the 'communes' of: Abidos Besingrand Biron Castetner La-Mondrans Lagor Loubieng Maslacq Mont Mourenx Noguères Os-Marsillon Ozenx-Montestrucq Sarpourenx part of the 'commune' of Lacq Lescar Monein only the 'communes' of: Abos Cuquéron Lahourcade Monein Parbayse Pardies Tarsacq Morlaàs only the 'communes' of: Andoins Anos Barinque Bernadets Buros "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">20 > ID="2">Pyrénées-Atlantiques > ID="3"" ID="4">Eslourenties-Daban Espechède Gabaston Maucor Montardon Morlaàs Ouillon Saint-Armou Saint-Castin part of Idron Ousse Sendets non included in the 'canton' of Pau Saint-Jammes Sedzère Serres-Castet Serres-Morlaàs the 'cantons' of Nay-Bourdettes without the 'communes' of: Lestelle-Bétharram Arthez-d'Asson Asson Bruges-Capbis-Mifaget Haut-de-Bosdarros Orthez Pontacq Salies-de-Béarn only the 'communes' of: Bellocq Bérenx Salies-de-Béarn Jurançon Billière the 'cantons' of Pau 'Z.e.' Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz (part) (7292): the 'cantons' of: Bayonne-Nord Bastide-Clairence only the 'communes' of: Briscous Urt Saint-Jean-de-Luz only the 'communes' of: Bidart Guéthary Saint-Jean-de-Luz Ustaritz Saint-Pierre-d'Irube Hendaye the 'cantons' of Anglet Biarritz Est "> ID="1">21 > ID="2">Landes > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Côte Sud des Landes (part) (7291): the 'cantons' of: Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse Soustons "> ID="1">22 > ID="2">Gironde > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Bordeaux-Centre (part) (7275): the 'cantons' of: Bordeaux 1 Bordeaux 6 Bordeaux 7 Bègles Carbon Blanc only the 'communes' of: Ambarès-Lagrave Carbon-Blanc Saint-Vincent de Paul Cenon only the 'commune' of: Cenon "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">22 > ID="2">Gironde > ID="3"" ID="4">Floirac only the 'commune' of: Floirac Gradignan La Brède only the 'communes' of: Léognan Martillac Lormont the 'cantons' of Mérignac the 'cantons' of Pessac Saint-Médard-en-Jalles Talence Villeneuve d'Ornon "> ID="1">23 > ID="2">Aveyron/Lot > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Figeac-Decazeville (part) (7309): the 'cantons' of: Aubin Capdenac-Gare Decazeville the 'cantons' of Figeac "> ID="1">24 > ID="2">Hautes-Pyrénées > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Tarbes (part) (7304): Ossun Aureilhan Séméac Bordères-sur-l'Échez Laloubère the 'cantons' of Tarbes "> ID="1">25 > ID="2">Tarn > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Castres-Mazamet (part) (7306): Labruguière Mazamet-Nord-Est Roquecourbe Saint-Amans-Soult the 'cantons' of Castres the 'cantons' of Mazamet 'Z.e.' Albi-Carmaux (part) (7303): Cadalen Gaillac Graulhet the 'cantons' of Albi the 'cantons' of Carmaux "> ID="1">26 > ID="2">Allier > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Montluçon (part) (8341): the 'cantons' of: Commentry Hérisson only the 'commune' of: Estivareilles the 'cantons' of Montluçon Montaigut only the 'communes' of: Bruxières-sous-Montaigut Durmignat Lapeyrouse Montaigut Moureuille Saint-Éloy-les-Mines Youx "> ID="1">27 > ID="2">Gard > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Alès (part) (9103): the 'cantons' of: Alès-Nord-Est Alès-Ouest only the 'communes' of: Saint-Christol-lès-Alès part of Alès Anduze only the 'communes' of: Anduze Bagard Boisset-et-Gaujac "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">27 > ID="2">Gard > ID="3"" ID="4">Massillargues-Attuech Ribaute-lès-Tavernes Tornac Barjac Bessèges Génolhac only the 'commune' of: Portes Grand-Combe only the 'communes' of: Grand-Combe Laval-Pradel Salles-du-Gardon Lédignan Saint-Ambroix Vézénobres Alès-Sud-Est 'Z.e.' Bagnols-sur-Cèze (part) (9104): the 'cantons' of: Bagnols-sur-Cèze Lussan Pont-Saint-Esprit Roquemaure Villeneuve-lès-Avignon 'Z.e.' Nîmes (part) (9106): the 'cantons' of: Aramon Remoulins Saint-Chaptes Saint-Mamert-du-Gard Sommières Uzès Vistrenque Nîmes 3 Nîmes 4 Nîmes 5 "> ID="1">28 > ID="2">Hérault > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Béziers-Saint-Pons (part) (9107): the 'cantons' of: Agde only the 'communes' of: Bessan Marseillan Béziers 1er Béziers-2e only the 'communes' of: Bassan Boujan-sur-Libron Cers Lieuran-lès-Béziers Villeneuve-lès-Béziers part of Béziers Capestang only the 'communes' of: Maureilhan Montady Florensac only the 'communes' of: Florensac Pinet Pomerols Pézénas only the 'commune' of: Saint-Thibéry Servian only the 'communes' of: Montblanc Servian Valros Béziers-3e only the 'communes' of: Colombiers Corneilhan Lignan-sur-Orb "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">28 > ID="2">Hérault > ID="3"" ID="4">Maraussan part of Béziers Béziers-4e only the 'communes' of: Sauvian part of Béziers 'Z.e.' Sète (part) (9109): the 'cantons' of: Frontignan only the 'communes' of: Baraluc-les-Bains Baraluc-le-Vieux Frontignan Mèze only the 'communes' of: Bouzigues Loupian Mèze the 'cantons' of Sète "> ID="1">29 > ID="2">Bouches du Rhône > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' La Ciotat (part) (9345): the 'canton' of La Ciotat Bassin minier (part): the 'cantons' of: Aix-en-Provence-Sud-Quest: only the 'commune' of: Meyreuil Gardanne Roquevaire only the 'communes' of: Belcodène Bouilladisse Cadolive Destrousse Gréasque Peypin Saint-Savournin Trets only the 'communes' of: Châteauneuf-le-Rouge Fuveau Peynier Rousset Trets 'Z.e.' Fos (part) (9347): the 'cantons' of: Arles-Est only the 'commune' of: Saint-Martin-de-Crau Eyguières only the 'communes' of: Aureille Mouries the 'cantons' of Istres the 'cantons' of Martigues Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône Pélissance only the 'commune' of: Cornillon-Confoux Châteauneuf-Côte-Bleue only the 'commune' of: Châteauneuf-lès-Martigues Plateau de l'Arbois only the 'emprise du syndicat mixte' as defined by the Arrêté du Préfet de la région Provence, Alpes, Côte d'Azur of 19. 11. 91. 'Z.e.' Étang-de-Berre (part) (9344): the 'cantons' of: Berre-l'Étang Pélissance only the 'communes' of: Fare-les-Oliviers Velaux "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">29 > ID="2">Bouches du Rhône > ID="3"" ID="4">Ventabren Coudoux Marignane only the 'communes' of: Gignac-la-Nerthe Marignane Saint-Victoret Châteauneuf-La-Nerthe: Vitalles "> ID="1">30 > ID="2">Var > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Toullon (part) (9351): the 'cantons' of: Beausset Six-Fours-les-Plages La Seyne-sur-Mer Saint Mandrier-sur-Mer only the part of the 'commune' of La Seyne-sur-Mer Toulon 2 Toulon 3 Toulon 5 Toulon 7 Toulon 9 "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Bouches du Rhône > ID="3"" ID="4">'Z.e.' Marseille (part) (9343): the 'Arrondissements' of: Marseille II Marseille III Marseille XIII only the 'quartiers' of: Saint-Jerôme La Rose Croix-Rouge Château Gombert Saint-Mitre Marseille XIV Marseille XV Marseille XVI """


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Rovigo > ID="3">Ariano nel Polesine Contarina Corbola Donada Papozze Porto Tolle Taglio di Po "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Massa-Carrara > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Carrara Massa Montignoso "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Pisa > ID="3"" ID="4">the whole NUTS II "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Terni > ID="3"" ID="4">the whole NUTS II "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">5 > ID="2">Latina > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Aprilia Cisterna di Latina Latina "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Roma > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Pomezia Ardea "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Frosinone > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Isola del Liri Sora Cassino Villa Santa Lucia Piedimonte San Germano "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Rieti > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Borgorose Cittaducale Pescorocchiano Petrella Salto Rieti (only 'zona di Vazia') "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Perugia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comune' of Spoleto "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Ascoli-Piceno > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Appignano del Tronto Ascoli Piceno Castel di Lama Castignano Castorano Colli del Tronto Comunanza Folignano Force Maltignano Rotella Spinetoli Venarotta "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Grosseto > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Follonica Gavorrano Massa Marittima Monterotondo Marittimo Montieri Scarlino "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Livorno > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Bibbona Campiglia Marittima Castagneto Carducci Cecina Piombino Rosignano Marittimo San Vincenzo Sassetta Suvereto "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Padova > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Anguillara Veneta Arquà Petrarca Boara Pisani Codevigo Granze Monselice "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">8 > ID="2">Padova > ID="3"" ID="4">Pozzonovo San Pietro Viminario Sant'Elena Solesino Stanghella Tribano Vescovana "> ID="1">9 > ID="2">Verona > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Angiari Bevilacqua Bonavigo Boschi Sant'Anna Casaleone Castagnaro Cerea Legnago Minerbe Roverchiara Sanguinetto San Pietro di Morubio Terrazzo Villa Bartolomea "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Venezia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Campagna Lupia Cavarzere Chioggia Cona Fossalta di Piave Meolo Mira Musile di Piave Noventa di Piave San Dona di Piave and the 'circoscrizioni': Favoro Veneto, Carpenedo-Bissuola, Terraglio, San Lorenzo-XXV Aprile, Cipressina-Zelarino-Trivignano, Piave 1866, Chirignago-Gazzera, Marghera-Catene, Malcotenta, Pellestrina-San Pietro in Volta, Murano, Burano and Isole minori della laguna of the 'comune' of Venezia "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Torino > ID="3">the 'comune' of Torino with the exception of the 'circoscrizioni' nr. 4, 5, 6 and 10 and the 'quartieri' Nizza-Millefonti, San Salvario, Valdocco Aurora Rossini and San Paolo "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Valle d'Aosta > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Aosta Arnad Bard Brissogne Chambave Champdepraz Charvensod Châtillon Donnas Fénis Gignod Gressan Hône "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">2 > ID="2">Valle d'Aosta > ID="3"" ID="4">Issogne Jovençan Nus Pollein Pontey Pont-Saint-Martin Quart Roisan Saint-Christophe Saint-Marcel Saint-Vincent Sarre Vèrres "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Novara > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Anzola d'Ossola Arizzano Baveno Bee Belgirate Brovello-Carpugnino Cannero Riviera Cannobio Casale Corte Cerro Ghiffa Gignese Gravellona Toce Mergozzo Oggebbio Omegna Ornavasso Pallanzeno Piedimulera Pieve Vergonte Premeno Stresa Trarego-Viggiona Verbania Vignone Vogogna "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Alessandria > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Alluvioni Cambiò Alzano Scrivia Basaluzzo Carbonara Scrivia Carezzano Cassano Spinola Castelnuovo Scrivia Gavazzana Guazzora Isola Sant'Antonio Molino dei Torti Novi Ligure Paderna Pasturana Pozzolo Formigaro Sale Sant'Agata Fossili Sardigliano Serravalle Scrivia Spineto Scrivia Tassarolo Tortona Villalvernia "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">5 > ID="2">Milano > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Canegrate Legnano Nerviano Parabiago Rescaldina San Giorgo su Legnano San Vittore Olona "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Varese > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Arsago Seprio Busto Arsizio Castellanza Gallarate Samarate Vergiate "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Trieste > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Muggia San Dorligo della Valle Sgonico Duino-Aurisina Monrupino and the 'circoscrizioni' nr. 11 Servola-Chiarbola, nr. 12 Valmaura-Borgo San Sergio, Chiadino Rozzol, Roiano and Altipiano Est of the 'comune' of Trieste "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Gorizia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Monfalcone Doberdò del Lago Fogliano-Redipuglia Gorizia (only the 'circoscrizioni' Piedimonte, Campagnuzza, Sant'Andrea, Sant'Anna and San Rocco) Grado Romans d'Isonzo Ronchi dei Legionari Savogna d'Isonzo San Canzian d'Isonzo San Pier d'Isonzo Staranzano Turriaco Villesse "> ID="1">9 > ID="2">Udine > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Cervignano del Friuli San Giorgio di Nogaro Torviscosa "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Savona > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'circoscrizioni' 3, 4 and 5 of the 'comune' Savona and the 'comuni' of: Albisola Marina Albisola Superiore Altare Cairo Montenotte Carcare Cengio Cosseria Dego Finale Ligure Millesimo Quiliano Vado Ligure Vezzi Portio "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importanceleiden" ID="1">11 > ID="2">Genova > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'cisrcoscrizioni': Voltri, Prà, Pegli, Sestri Ponente, Rivarolo, Bolzaneto, Pontedecimo, Cornigliano, Sampierdarena, Marassi, Staglieno, Molassana, Struppa and Porto of the 'comune' Genova and the 'comuni' of: Arenzano Bargagli Busalla Campomorone Carasco Casella Ceranesi Chiavari Cogoleto Isola del Cantone Lavagna Mignanego Rapallo Recco Ronco Scrivia Sant'Olcese Savignone Serra Ricco Sestri Levante Sori Zoagli "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">La Spezia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'circoscrizioni' nr. 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the 'comune' La Spezia and the 'comuni' of: Ameglia Arcola Bolano Castelnuovo Magra Follo Lerici Ortonovo Portovenere Santo Stefano di Magra Sarzana Vezzano Ligure "> ID="1">13 > ID="2">Reggio nell'Emilia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'circoscrizioni' nr. 2, 7 and 8 of the 'comune' of Reggio Emilia and the 'comuni' of: Campagnola Emilia Correggio Fabbrico Rio Saliceto Rolo San Martino in Rio "> ID="1">14 > ID="2">Modena > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Carpi Cavezzo Novi di Modena "> ID="1">15 > ID="2">Firenze > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Campi Bisenzio Carmignano Montemurlo Poggio a Caiano "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">15 > ID="2">Firenze > ID="3"" ID="4">Prato Vaiano "> ID="1">16 > ID="2">Pistoia > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Agliana Montale Quarrata "> ID="1">17 > ID="2">Ancona > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Filottrano Jesi Monsano Monte San Vito Morro d'Alba San Marcello Santa Maria Nuova Senigallia "> ID="1">18 > ID="2">Macerata > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Appignano Montecassiano Montefano "> ID="1">19 > ID="2">Roma > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comune' of Colleferro "> ID="1">20 > ID="2">Frosinone > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Anagni Ceccano Ferentino Frosinone Paliano Patrica "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Livorno > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comuni' of: Collesalvetti Livorno, with the exception of 'ex-circoscrizioni' 4, 5 and 7 "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Roma > ID="3"" ID="4">the 'comune' of Civitavecchia ""


"" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial sites" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Luxembourg > ID="3"" ID="4">Esch-sur-Alzette (whole 'canton') 'Communes' (in the 'canton' of Capellen): Bascharage Clemency Dippach Garnich Mamer ""


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Oost Groningen > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Delfzijl e.o. > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Zuidoost Drenthe > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Overig Groningen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeente': Hoogezand-Sappemeer "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Zuidwest Drenthe > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeente': Hoogeveen "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Overig Groningen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeente': Groningen "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Twente > ID="3">'Gemeenten': Denekamp Hellendoorn Ootmarsum Rijssen "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Zuidoost Noord-Brabant > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Zuid Limburg > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeenten': Beek Born Brunssum Geleen Heerlen Kerkrade Landgraaf Nuth Schinnen Sittard Stein "" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial sites" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Arnhem/Nijmegen > ID="3"" ID="4">'Gemeenten': Arnhem Bemmel Beuningen Duiven Elst Heteren Huissen Nijmegen Valburg Westervoort Wijchen Zevenaar ""


"" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Central > ID="3"" ID="4">Alloa TTWA (part) Falkirk TTWA (part) Glasgow TTWA (part) Stirling TTWA (part, i.e. the wards of Argyll, Ballengeich, Cornton, Kings Park, Borestone, Torbrex, Polmaise, Whins, Sauchenford, Ladywell, Logie and Gowanhill in Stirling District) "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Fife > ID="3"" ID="4">Alloa TTWA (part) Dunfermline TTWA (part) Dundee TTWA (part) Kirkcaldy TTWA "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Strathclyde > ID="3"" ID="4">Ayr TTWA Cumnock and Sanquhar TTWA (part) Dumbarton TTWA Girvan TTWA Glasgow TTWA (part) Greenock TTWA Irvine TTWA (less The Cumbraes) Kilmarnock TTWA Lanarkshire TTWA "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Cleveland > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Durham > ID="3"" ID="4">Newcastle-upon-Tyne TTWA (part) Sunderland TTWA (part) Hartlepool TTWA (part) Durham TTWA Bishop Auckland TTWA Darlington TTWA (the part of the TTWA in Darlington District) "> ID="1">6 > ID="2">Greater Manchester > ID="3"" ID="4">Bolton and Bury TTWA (part) Manchester TTWA (the whole TTWA in the county except Stockport District bar 2 wards (Brinnington and South Reddish) and Trafford District bar 4 wards (Davyhulme East, Clifford, Park and Talbot)) Oldham TTWA Rochdale TTWA (part) Wigan und St. Helens TTWA (part) "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Tyne and Wear > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Humberside > ID="3"" ID="4">Doncaster TTWA (part) Grimsby TTWA (part) Hull TTWA (the whole TTWA except the part in Holderness District) Scunthorpe TTWA (part) "> ID="1">9 > ID="2">South Yorkshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">West Yorkshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Bradford TTWA (part, i.e. the wards of Bowling, Bradford Moor, Little Horton, Odsal, Shipley East, Toller, Tong, Undercliffe and University in Bradford District and Kirklees wards Nos. 14-17 inclusive) Castleford and Pontefract TTWA (part) Wakefield and Dewsbury TTWA "" ID="1">Regions satisfying basic criteria a), b) and c)" ID="1">11 > ID="2">Nottinghamshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Mansfield TTWA (part) Nottingham TTWA (the parts of the TTWA in Ashfield and Nottingham Disctricts) Worksop TTWA (part) "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">West Midlands County > ID="3"" ID="4">Birmingham TTWA (the whole of the TTWA in the county except 7 wards in Solihull District, namely Knowle, Olton, Packwood, St. Alphege, Shirley East, Shirley South and Shirley West) Coventry and Hinckley TTWA (part) Dudley and Sandwell TTWA (part) Walsall TTWA (part) Wolverhampton TTWA (part) "> ID="1">13 > ID="2">Gwent > ID="3"" ID="4">Blaenau Gwent and Abergavenny TTWA (part) Merthyr and Rhymney TTWA (part) Newport TTWA Pontypool and Cwmbran TTWA "> ID="1">14 > ID="2">Mid Glamorgan > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "> ID="1">15 > ID="2">West Glamorgan > ID="3"" ID="4">Whole level III region "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Tayside > ID="3"" ID="4">Arbroath TTWA Dundee TTWA (part) Dunfermline TTWA (part) "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Lothian > ID="3"" ID="4">Bathgate TTWA Falkirk TTWA (part) Edinburgh TTWA (part i.e. the Midlothian District, the wards of Craigmillar and Niddrie in City of Edinburgh District, wards of Carberry, Central Musselburgh, Cockenzie, East Musselburgh, East Prestonpans, South Musselburgh, Tranent North, Tranent Ormiston, West Musselburgh and West Prestonpans in East Lothian District) "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Northumberland > ID="3"" ID="4">Alnwick and Amble TTWA (part i.e. wards Alnwick Castle, Alnwick Clayport, Alnwick Hotspur, Amble East, Amble West, Lesbury, Shilbottle and Warkwoth in Alnwick District and Chevington in Castle Morpeth District) Newcastle-upon-Tyne TTWA (the whole of TTWA in the county except the wards of Ponteland East, Ponteland North, Ponteland South and Ponteland West) "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Lancashire > ID="3"" ID="4">Morpeth and Ashington TTWA Bolton and Bury TTWA (part) Liverpool TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Birch Green, Digmoor, Moorside, Skelmersdale North, Skelmersdale South and Tanhouse in West Lancashire District) Rochdale TTWA (part) Wigan and St. Helens TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Upholland North and Upholland South in West Lancashire District) "> ID="1">5 > ID="2">Derbyshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Chesterfield TTWA Mansfield TTWA (part) Worksop TTWA (part) "" ID="1">Adjacent areas" ID="1">6 > ID="2">Cheshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Liverpool TTWA (part) Widnes & Runcorn TTWA Wirral & Chester (part i.e. Ellesmere Port and Neston District) "> ID="1">7 > ID="2">Shropshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Wolverhampton TTWA (part) "> ID="1">8 > ID="2">Staffordshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Birmingham TTWA (part i.e. Tamworth District and eight wards in Lichfield District, namely Alrewas, Bourne Vale, Central, Chadsmead, Curborough, Fazeley, Stowe and Whittington) Stafford TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Brereton and Ravenhill and Hagley, both in Cannock Chase District) Wallsall TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Anglesey, Brindley Heath, Broomhill, Cannock South, Chadsmoor, Heath Hayes, Longford, Norton Canes, Parkside, Pye Green Valley and Rawnsley in Cannock Chase District, Armitage with Handsacre, Chase Terrace and Chasetown in Lichfield District and Cheslyn Hay, Essington, Great Wyrley Landywood, Great Wyrley North, Great Wyrley Town, Great Wyrley West and Huntington in South Staffordshire District) Wolverhampton TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Bilbrook, Coven, Featherstone, Perton and Swindon, all in South Staffordshire District) "> ID="1">10 > ID="2">Warwickshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Birmingham TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Curdworth, Hurley, Kingsbury and Nether Whitacre, all in North Warwickshire District) Coventry and Hinckley TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Arley, Atherstone North and Mancetter in North Warwickshire District, Abbey, Arbury, Attleborough, Camp Hill, Chilvers Coton, Exhall, Heath, Poplar and Stockingford in Nuneaton and Bedworth District, Tyton-on-Dunsmore and Fosse Ward in Rugby District und ward No 22 (Stoneleigh) in Warwick District] "> ID="1">11 > ID="2">South Glamorgan > ID="3"" ID="4">Cardiff TTWA (part i.e. the wards No 1-7 inclusive, 13, 14, 19 and 21 in Cardiff District and No 1, 2, 4-8 inclusive, 15 and 17 in Vale of Glamorgan District) "> ID="1">12 > ID="2">Powys > ID="3"" ID="4">Aberdare TTWA (part) Swansea TTWA (part) "> ID="1">13 > ID="2">Dyfed > ID="3"" ID="4">Llanelli TTWA Swansea TTWA (part) "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Greater London > ID="3"" ID="4">L.B. Enfield, part i.e. the wards of: Enfield Wash Green Street Ponders End St. Alphege St. Peters "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Greater London > ID="3"" ID="4">Craig Park Angel Road Enfield Lock L.B. Hackney, part i.e. the wards of: Springfield Northwold Leabridge Rectory Eastdown Westdown Dalston Chatham Homerton Kings Park Wick Victoria Queensbridge Haggerston Wenlock Moorfields L.B. Haringey, part i.e. the wards of: Coleraine High Cross South Tottenham L.B. Newham, part i.e. the wards of: Beckton Canning Town/Grange Hudsons New Town Ordnance Stratford West Ham Bemersyde Castle Central Forest Gate Little Ilford Manor Park Monega Park Plaistow Plashet St. Stephens Upton L.B. Tower Hamlets, part i.e. the wards of: Bow Bromley East India Grove Holy Trinity Lansbury Limehouse Park Redcoat Spitalfields St Dunstans St James St Marys St Peters Weavers L.B. Waltham Forest, part i.e. the wards of: Higham Hill Lloyd Park "" ID="1">Urban communities suffering from industrial decline" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Greater London > ID="3"" ID="4">High Street St James Street Lea Bridge Leyton "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Kent > ID="3"" ID="4">Thanet TTWA "" ID="1">Areas suffering from restructuring in industrial sectors of decisive importance" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Cumbria > ID="3"" ID="4">WorkingtonTTWA Whitehaven TTWA Barrow-in-Furness TTWA "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Lancashire > ID="3"" ID="4">Accrington and Rossendale TTWA Blackburn TTWA Burnley TTWA (except Sabden ward) Pendle TTWA (the whole of the TTWA except the wards of Boulsworth, Coates, Foulridge and Pendleside, all in Pendle District "> ID="1">3 > ID="2">Staffordshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Burton-on-Trent TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Branston, Broadway, Burton, Edgehill, Eton, Horninglow, Needwood, Shobnall, Stapenhill, Stretton, Uxbridge, Victoria, Waterside and Winshill, all in East Staffordshire District) "> ID="1">4 > ID="2">Devon > ID="3"" ID="4">Plymouth TTWA (part i.e. Plymouth District plus seven wards in South Hams District, namely Bickleigh and Shaugh, Brixton, Cornwood and Harford, Ivybridge, Sparkwell, Wembury and Yealmpton) "> ID="1">5 > ID="2"" ID="3"" ID="4">Gibraltar "" ID="1">Areas with severe problems linked to the regeneration of derelict industrial problems" ID="1">1 > ID="2">Staffordshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Stoke TTWA (part i.e. the wards of Holditch and Silverdale in Newcastle-under-Lyme District and Blurton, Brookhouse, Burslem Grange, Chell, Great Fenton, Longton South, Shelton, Trentham Park and Tunstall North in Stoke-on-Trent District) "> ID="1">2 > ID="2">Shropshire > ID="3"" ID="4">Telford und Bridgnorth TTWA (part i.e. the wards of College, Cuckoo Oak, Dawley Magna, Donnington Wood, Hadley, Ironbridge The Gorge, Ketley, Ketley Bank, Lawley, Priorslee and Wombride, all in Wrekin District) """

(1) Code INSEE in the 'zones d'emploi'.(2) New subdivision in force since 1. 1. 1994.(3) Individual Travel-to-Work-Areas (TTWAs) in the UK are generally split between level III regions (counties). TTWA (part) denotes that the whole of the TTWA in a given county is eligible. In other cases, only part of the TTWA in the given county is eligible. In the latter cases, the part to be included (in terms of wards and Districts), or excluded where this is more convenient in terms of presentation, is listed.


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